Welcome to Picart art studio

“Picart” – an art studio in Kiev, in which go beyond the limits and discover the world of creativity and freedom.

We make art accessible, but without neglecting the artistic qualities and the level of skill and knowledge that students will gain from the courses and workshops.

So how did it all begin

At first it was an art studio for custom interior design, but the desire of clients not only to contemplate the paintings, but to become part of the process of its creation became the impetus for the growth of the company.

Every person, when starting their own business has a dream. Our founder, Alexandra Yaremenko’s goal is to establish a creative space where both artist-teacher and student can interact freely, where no attention is paid to skill level, age or status. Where the desire to discover art as a way not only to hide from everyday problems, but also to achieve a harmonious state with the help of creativity would be the first thing to pay attention to.

That’s how Picart was created. Since 2011, our creative studio has been offering full training courses in the following areas:

Academic Drawing;
A course for applicants;
Art school for children

Picart class format

Provides for master classes, which means that in a few hours of the intensive, students will be able to learn about a specific artistic style of painting or a certain type of creativity, as well as create their own products or paintings.

By attending courses or workshops

Students learn basic art skills and have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and expand their artistic skills. And the high level of teaching in the studios “Picart” is confirmed by the fact that all applicants successfully entered and graduated from universities, many of which are now their own successful business. So one of our students Tatyana Fiona, having successfully entered after our courses in Kiev National University of Culture and Arts on fashion designer, opened her own atelier on designer clothes http://fionastyle.com.ua/, the head of which is now. We are proud to be involved in the work of students who are successful in their field in Ukraine and beyond.

Picart has an atmosphere of creativity and professionalism.

The studio is staffed by an instructor with an advanced art degree, ensuring a high level of instruction and skill acquisition at both craft and professional artist levels.

The uniqueness of Picart research.

We are in favor of a convenient location, so students can practice either in the studio or the teacher can work away.

Picart Studios:

There are no age restrictions – we have classes suitable for children from the age of 4, and there is no upper limit at all;
We have a wide range of types and formats of classes – where everyone can find something interesting for themselves;
for your convenience we are open 6 days a week
classes are not limited to the fact that creativity is an unpredictable process!

Organization of corporate holidays

Our studio also offers corporate parties, group creative training and team building, as well as birthday parties and romantic workshops! Show painting with gold dust, caricatures for guests, express paintings – all this makes any holiday, birthday, wedding, corporate party really bright, impressive and unforgettable! So we held master classes for Stella Artois, caricature artists for Atlas weekend, photo zone design for KiyAvia and for many other companies and private clients.

At Picart, they prove that anyone can paint or create beauty. And just within the walls of our studios are artists – for whom their work is like air, so it’s easy for them to pass on their knowledge and teach their clients to turn off the noise of the outside world and turn on their inner resources!

We look forward to seeing everyone at the Picart studio!