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Artist for the holiday - painting pictures at the event

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You always want to make a celebration cool, fun and memorable. Invite an artist and your celebration will have a real show, a highlight that will be remembered for a long time and will give incredible impressions. Services of the artist can be different, they will fit

  • for birthdays
  • anniversaries,
  • corporate events,
  • children’s parties.

For example, you can order a portrait by photo or draw such a prize…. Guests will definitely be surprised!

Emotions – this is something without which no holiday can do without, make yours the brightest and unforgettable.

A painting made with gold sequins

Creating such a picture to order – an exciting process that will give a lot of impressions to you and your guests. It is a real little magic, and you will watch it right at your celebration. Such an original entertainment will appeal to both children and adults.

Express portrait for a holiday is a wonderful gift

This entertainment will be a great gift for you and your guests. This service consists in the fact that the artist right during the party paints portraits of all the guests one by one or only portraits of those who wish. Ordering paintings by photo is always in high demand, but creating an express portrait right during the evening will surprise everyone without exception and allow you to go home with a gift in the form of your own portrait.

Cartoons will lift the spirits of your guests

Ordering a caricature painting is a great solution that will highlight your originality and sense of humour. Perhaps none of your guests have ever been painted in this style – imagine how interesting it can be for them! A caricature, as well as an express portrait, can be a great gift for a prank. It will amuse not only the person to be drawn, but everyone present.

Masterclass will give you the opportunity to be a real artist

By choosing this service, you can give yourself and your guests the opportunity to feel like an artist. We provide the necessary materials and blanks, and a professional artist supports and helps guests in painting. In this way everyone can make their own customised painting on canvas by themselves.

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