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Modern paintings

Modern paintings impress with their variety, the most famous of which are cubism, Rayonism, marbleisation, neoplasticism, Orphism, Suprematism, Tachism, Abstract Expressionism, etc.).
A room in the Art Nouveau style will “sparkle” with new colours if you decorate it with canvases made in these styles. Particular attention should be paid to the colours: if they echo the colouring of the furniture or walls, the interior will look more interesting and extraordinary.
Choose works that carry positive energy. Let your home will not have paintings depicting wars, disasters, destruction, disasters, etc. In addition, remember that for each individual room there are their “own” thematic paintings.

In the living room

Так, например, в интерьере гостиной лучше всего будут выглядеть пейзажи и полотна импрессионистов. Для прихожей и коридора отличным вариантом станут полотна с четкими и понятными изображениями, которые легки для восприятия и не требуют долгого изучения.

In the bedroom

it is best to choose calm colours. By the way here will be delicate flowers, lyrical portraits or landscapes in pastel colours. It is such pictures will contribute to complete relaxation after a busy day at work.

In the kitchen

Paintings in the interior of the kitchen is the image of flowers and still lifes.

In the study

Organically “fit in” mountain landscapes, in front of the desk is recommended to place a picture of water (waterfall, river, sea, lake) it will bring success and wealth.

In the children’s room

You can decorate with children’s drawings or hang on the wall a picture with figures of animals or globe, images of idols or favourite sports, drawn in different shades of the same colour that prevails in the room. In a baby’s room you can use very simple, understandable to the child forms. Adjusting the space.

The Art of Placement

If you place several paintings in the room, selected arbitrarily and uncoordinated with each other and the general interior, they will take the maximum attention, which will create an atmosphere not quite harmonious for the living room exhibition gallery. To become a logical and original addition to the interior, the picture should be organically integrated into it, without standing out from the general architectural ensemble. With the help of paintings you can “raise” the ceiling, make the room visually wider and, of course, provide the mood of the whole interior.Vertical format of paintings can visually make the ceiling higher, and horizontal to expand the room. To make these effects “work”, the paintings should be the larger, the larger the room and the higher the ceiling. The most favourable places to place paintings and photographs are: above the fireplace, above the sofa, above the headboard of the bed, above the chest of drawers and between two windows on the same wall.

Symmetrical arrangement

Very favourable, almost in any interior, symmetrical arrangement of paintings. In this case, paintings that make up a single vertical or horizontal row, should be as close as possible in theme, colour scheme, frame design and size.
Another quite successful option is the placement on one wall of three paintings of different sizes and at different heights. Pictures in this case are selected large sizes. The two side ones are placed at the same level. The central work is one third higher.
In the case when several paintings of different sizes are placed in one room, you can install a special ledge and hang each of the works so that its median horizontal is at eye level. At the same time it is possible to make the favourite picture of the owners in a more expressive frame and place it separately, for example on the opposite wall, providing it with bright illumination.
Successfully choosing paintings in the interior, you will create an atmosphere of warmth, cosiness and harmony in your home!

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