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Drawings that lift your spirits! That is how caricatures can be characterised. We offer caricature paintings to order – they will be a wonderful original gift for your loved ones or for yourself. Creating such a drawing, the artist notices interesting details in the appearance of the person he draws, and using his skill, can successfully play them. Such a drawing turns out to be funny and comical, it will appeal to adults and children.

Class entertainment at the corporate party: caricature to order

If you want to make the party more interesting and fun, invite an artist. We offer different services, but portrait caricature is the funniest and will definitely make your guests smile.

The implementation of this service is possible different: the artist can draw the guests himself, if the owner of the celebration wants everyone to get a caricature. And can draw only those who are suitable on their own initiative. In any case, the guests will get a lot of positive emotions, because, perhaps, someone has never been drawn in comic style, and someone dreamed of such a portrait, but did not have the opportunity to get it.

It is important to note that the guests will go home with the presented caricatures, so the positive memories of the party will remain for a long time. And children will definitely get a lot of impressions from this entertainment.

A cartoon as a surprise

Another option is to play a drawing. For this there is a service caricature by photo to order. You can order it even before the corporate party, or the artist will draw the person who won, already during the celebration. It all depends on your own vision of the party.

Original gifts are very appreciated, because they are suitable even for those people who, it would seem, already have everything you can want. And caricature will give positive emotions and will be remembered.

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