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Custom gold painting

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Gold dust painting
Star portrait for wedding, corporate, birthday party

The original painting, the process of creation of which takes place right on the holiday, gives a sea of emotions to all present. The picture is drawn with colourless paints, when the picture is ready you or the artist pours gold or silver powder on it and it shows the image in all its glory.

All materials used during the show are safe for the audience. They do not stain the skin, fabrics and do not cause allergic reactions. Therefore, the show can be held in rooms of any size, including at children’s parties.

An added bonus is the fact that after the performance is over, the artist donates the painting. This means that it stays with you and becomes a part of your interior. Being at your home, it will be a constant reminder of your splendid celebration.

Duration: 9 – 14 min
Material: Gold or silver sequins

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