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Do you want to diversify your party? Make the celebration more interesting and memorable with the services of an artist.

If you have been drawn at least once – you realise how interesting this process is. Or rather, for the person who is being drawn, the process is an ordinary posing, but during it there is a pleasant anticipation and impatience. “What exactly is the artist drawing?”, “How does he see me?”, “Will the portrait be similar to how I see myself in the mirror?”.

If you want to give your guests such emotions, you won’t have to look for where to order a portrait. Picart studio will gladly provide you with its services!

Portrait to order: what we offer

Our studio provides you with the services of an artist for a certain time, and you can organise everything at your discretion..

  • The artist can paint the guests one by one, absolutely everyone present, then everyone will leave with gifts and a lot of impressions. Imagine for yourself what a pleasant surprise such a pastime will be for them;
  • The artist can paint willing people, meaning only those who approach him/her themselves. This is a great option, but be aware that sometimes people are shy, especially if they didn’t expect such an approach;
  • The opportunity to order a portrait can be used as a prize for a raffle or some competition. The gift will add motivation to the guests;
  • Also among our services is portrait caricature. Then a person receives not a serious portrait, but a funny drawing that lifts the mood.

Our artists are real professionals in their field, who know different techniques and have experience. Therefore, you can be sure that your guests and you will receive high-quality beautiful portraits, which will become a cool impression and will remain as a memory.

Благодарим за обращение! Мы скоро с Вами свяжемся.
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