How to choose a picture in the interior


A painting is an important element of interior style. With a painting you show yourself, your respectability and possession of aesthetic taste.

The right painting can transform any space and make it unique.

It is the quality and semantic ground that makes an ordinary painting an artistically valuable work. When you order a painting for your interior space, there are many nuances to consider:

  • The style and design of the room.
  • Color accents and wall texture.
  • Room and wall parameters.

If you decide to add a painting to your interior, it is very important to harmonize it with the existing space. So that the style of the room and the pattern complement each other.

Classic paintings

This type of paintings will fit perfectly into a classically decorated interior. Luxurious custom paintings will complement and add a new dimension to your home. For such an interior are suitable high-quality reproductions of paintings, which you can buy in our studio.

Minimalist design, on the other hand, loves avant-garde work.

Modern paintings

Figuring out contemporary art can be quite difficult. But it is modern solutions for paintings that give new colors to the interior in the modern style. It could be:

  • Cubism.
  • Rayonism.
  • Marbleization.
  • Neoplasticism.
  • Orphism.
  • Suprematism.
  • Tashism.
  • Abstract Expressionism, etc.

“Modern” room also requires a quality selection of colors in the pattern. The right shades will create an interesting and unconventional style.

Equally important is the energy of the painting. Prioritize something kind and light. Feel the mood of the painting, and choose something that gives you positive emotions.

Paintings in the rooms

Every room in a house or apartment has its own themes for paintings:

  • The interior of the living room responds well in landscapes and Impressionist paintings.
  • The hallway and corridor love simple clear shapes. There is no need to post something that requires a long study here.
  • The bedroom has a peaceful relaxing atmosphere. That’s why paintings with delicate shades will fit in there perfectly. Lyrical portraits and landscapes in pastel colors will set you up for deep sleep and calming down after a busy day at work.
  • In the kitchen, it is best to place pictures of flowers and still lifes. It should be something that will contribute to a comfortable eating experience.
  • You need to create a productive atmosphere in your office. This is well supported by mountain landscapes and any pictures with water (waterfall, river, sea lake). Such images also bring success and wealth.
  • Picking out paintings for a child’s room is especially tricky. These should be images and shapes that are understandable for the child’s age, as well as the right combination of colors. Children’s drawings, animal and plant figures, and educational pictures are best suited. Don’t forget your child’s hobbies: sports, idols, hobbies.

Space correction

To create the perfect ensemble of room and painting, you need to know some rules:

  1. If there is more than one painting in the room, they should echo each other and the interior. Arbitrary selection of paintings will give the effect of an exhibition gallery rather than a cozy home.
  2. A painting is an aesthetic addition to an interior. It should emphasize the room’s strengths and hide its flaws.
  3. To visually raise the ceiling, favor a vertical picture format. To expand the room, choose the horizontal direction of the patterns.
  4. The size of the painting should match the size of the walls and the room. The larger the room, the larger the format of the paintings should be selected.
  5. Take advantage of winning combinations for picture placement: over the fireplace, over the sofa, over the headboard of the bed, between windows, etc.
  6. Don’t forget about symmetry when placing patterns. Properly sized and positioned on the wall will create visual satisfaction with the entire interior.

Paintings can enhance your dwelling or they can ruin it. Be careful when selecting your interior design aesthetic.