Want to make your wedding unforgettable? We can help you with that!

One of the most colorful wedding gifts you can give a gold dust portrait Honeymooners. This service will create a real fairy tale at your celebration and leave an unforgettable impression on you and your guests.

Painting with gold dust is an exclusive painting that is drawn by the artist right on the celebration as a show in front of the audience. The artist under the music draws an invisible picture and at the end is covered with gold dust.And suddenly the picture appears – a golden portrait of the newlyweds. The picture can be dusted by the artist himself, or the newlyweds with the help of the artist. We can create paintings with gold dust of different sizes and shapes, according to your wishes.

We guarantee the quality of our services and the professionalism of our craftsmen. We use only safe materials.

Don’t miss the opportunity to create a real atmosphere of magic at your wedding with gold dust paintings. Contact us and we would love to help make your wedding unforgettable!

If you want to make your wedding guests extra fun, then invite our caricature artist. A caricature artist at a wedding – is a great way to entertain your guests and create unforgettable memories for the newlyweds.

A caricature artist is an artist who draws quick and funny caricature style portraits. A caricature is a caricature that emphasizes certain features of a person. The result is a funny and caricatured image that accurately conveys the character and mood of the portraitist.

At a wedding, a caricaturist can work as an animator or as additional entertainment. He can draw portraits of guests at various festive occasions such as a gala, banquet or even while dancing.

A cartoonist at a wedding can create a unique atmosphere and add some humor and laughter to the celebration. Guests will marvel at the artist’s ability to render their facial features quickly and accurately, and newlyweds will be delighted to receive original and fun portraits as gifts.

If you are planning a wedding, don’t hesitate to invite a caricaturist – it’s a great solution that will add a unique charm and fun vibe to your wedding.

Weddings always have an atmosphere of joy and happiness, and often newlyweds want this special day to be captured not only in photos, but also on canvas. One way to create such a commemorative picture is to organize a master class from the artist at the wedding.

Such a master class can be held both outdoors and indoors, depending on the weather conditions and preferences of the newlyweds. Художник может предложить различные темы для рисунка, например, портрет молодоженов, пейзаж свадебного места, символические элементы, связанные с традициями и обрядами.

Wedding guests can participate in a workshop by painting under the artist’s guidance and creating their own masterpieces. The artist can also create their artwork live, capturing all the moments of a special day on canvas.

Such a master class will be not only a bright event at the wedding, but also a unique gift for the newlyweds. The result of the master class can be not only a painting on canvas, but also several hours of art work, which can then be placed in the home of the newlyweds as a memorable souvenir.

Thus, a master class from the artist at the wedding is an interesting and unusual way to create an unforgettable atmosphere of the holiday, as well as the opportunity to receive a unique gift as a memory of this special day.