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Custom wall painting

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Artistic wall painting

The advantage of working with Picart

Our craftsmen already have many realised projects to their credit, such as:

  • painting of temples (photos you can see in our portfolio)
  • wall murals in the interiors of flats, houses, offices, restaurants and other objects;
  • interior painting;
  • imitation of different types of stones
  • interior paintings of different styles
  • copies of great artists.

The choice of subject matter, as well as techniques and materials, is not an easy task, which can only be done by qualified specialists and talented artists. Our masters are constantly improving their skills, exchanging experience with masters from many countries who have reached the pinnacle of mastery and have great experience. Self-education, constant practice and extensive experience allows our artists to create paintings on the walls, which can rightfully be considered works of art.

In their work our specialists use only the best materials, namely:

  • oil paints for classical painting;
  • acrylic paints for stylisation;

Wall painting prices in Ukraine today are quite high, but our specialists make it more accessible to a wide range of customers, offering constant favourable offers both for designers looking for an artist for their projects, and for individual customers. We carry out works of any complexity in strictly agreed terms and always guarantee high quality of all works done by our artists.


At the first stage, our artists create a sketch of the future painting, taking into account all the details and features of the interior, so that the mural/painting harmoniously fits in and emphasises the beauty of the room. After approval of the sketch, a full-scale detailed drawing is made, and then the artists proceed directly to the mural/painting itself. For the painting is suitable for any flat, trowelled surface, further preparation of the wall we do ourselves. If there is no possibility to be in the room for a long time, the painting is done on canvas, which is then mounted on the wall or ceiling. In the painting of walls and paintings in the flat, oil or acrylic paints are used, which are then covered with varnish. After which the surface can be cleaned with any detergent.


  • interior uniqueness
  • durability
  • individual sketch
  • respectably
  • itemisation
  • flexibility
  • knows no bounds
  • does not require preparation of the surface to be decorated


We provide a lifetime guarantee for our work. In case of mechanical damage to the mural not exceeding 5% of its area – restoration is free of charge.


With our murals you will emphasise the exclusivity and luxury of your interior. Each mural is unique, handmade by artists and created based on all the wishes of the customer and for your unique interior. Wall painting allows you to create depth or expand the space of the interior, create the illusion of volume or decorative relief on the wall. It is also possible to process existing mouldings and imitation of various natural materials. In paintings and pictures you can use a variety of subjects: landscapes, still lifes, multi-figure compositions with portrait resemblance, etc.

Scope of application

Painting of our masters has many possibilities for application. It will make the facade of your house unique and inimitable, painting of walls in a child’s room will create a fairy-tale world for a child, painting of walls in a flat or a house will surprise with the illusion of space or become the centre of the whole interior.

Thus, cooperation with Picart is profitable, convenient, reliable and qualitative. For more information you can find out by contacting us by phone numbers, which you will find in the “Contacts” section of the site or personally visiting our office. Welcome to the world of beauty with the Picart team!

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