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The interior is an important element for homeowners, as it shows the aesthetic taste and status of the owners. A stylish, well-chosen painting can transform and make any room more refined. However, to achieve this effect, it is necessary that it has a high artistic value. It is also important to be able to correctly fit the element of art in the interior. Accordingly, choosing a work of art, which in the future will decorate your room, should take into account the design of the room, its colour schemes, the texture of the walls and furniture.

Buying a picture to order – not such a simple task, as it may seem at first glance. Even a piece that you really like may not look so beautiful in the room you are designing. The key is to pick a style that will blend in.

Pictures of the Classics

For a classic, especially luxurious interior, fit paintings of old masters, oil paintings on canvas. Artistic value of canvases will emphasise the sophistication of eternal classics. If the rooms are made in a more minimalist style, avant-garde works are better suited.

Modern paintings

Are you familiar with contemporary art? If yes, then you probably know that today’s paintings amaze with their diversity: cubism, orphism, suprematism, tachism, rayonism, marbling, abstract expressionism – and that’s not all. Of course, with such a choice, it is easy to get confused. But, for example, a room made in Art Nouveau style can be transformed with the right design. Pay attention to the colours: if the shades of the picture will echo the colouring of the walls or interior items, the room will look stylish and original.

It is better if you choose paintings with positive subjects – without disasters, wars, etc. This is especially true for modern paintings in the bedroom. Also do not forget that for each room you can pick up “their” paintings, which will make it play with new colours.

Living room

Buy modern paintings in the living room is also a great option. But pay attention to the classics as well: Impressionist paintings and landscapes will come in very handy. As for the hallway – there is just better to choose simpler options with clear images. They do not require a long study and therefore there are more appropriate.

In the bedroom

For the rest room is well suited to calm pastel colours. Also think about landscapes, flowers and lyrical portraits. They won’t be too eye-catching and allows you to create a relaxing atmosphere.

In the kitchen

The most successful choice is “light” images. Flowers and still lifes are suitable: they will not draw too much attention to themselves, but will create appropriate accents.

In the office

Mountain landscapes look organically in the working area, and above the desk it is advised to place a picture of water bodies, they say, favourably affect the work.

In the children’s room

Here, perhaps, there is the greatest scope for fantasy. You can hang on the wall children’s drawings, a picture with the sport that attracts your child, with animal figures or a picture of a globe, you can even buy 3d pictures. If the baby is very young, choose simpler images. If the child is older – listen to his desires and interests.

The art of placement

If you are going to hang several paintings in the room at once, you need to know that in this case they will draw maximum attention to themselves. This can create the effect of an exhibition gallery, which is not at all appropriate, for example, in a residential house. In order to logically complement the interior, try to fit the artwork in such a way that it does not stand out, but rather complements it.

Did you know that by using paintings you can visually change the size of a room? Surprisingly, it is really possible to visually “raise” the ceiling or “expand” the walls…. It’s all about the width and height of paintings: vertical ones will “lift” the room, and horizontal ones, respectively, are able to “expand” it.

There are also known successful places for pictures and photos: above the sofa, the headboard of the bed, the fireplace, between two windows, if they are on the same wall. Knowing such small secrets, it is easier to create a beautiful cosy interior.

Symmetrical arrangement

Symmetrically arranged paintings look good. Customised paintings will look good as a single vertical or horizontal row of several parts. They should be similar to each other in colours, themes, sizes and frame design.

You can also place paintings with the same size at different heights. It is better when they are large enough. In this case, the side paintings are placed at the same level, and the central one – a little higher.

Paintings, successfully combined with the interior and each other, will create a special atmosphere in your home.

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